Adventurer • Educator • Filmmaker

Jeff Seckendorf is a life-long adventurer and educator – corporate trainer, flight instructor, scuba instructor trainer, mentor to scores of up and coming film directors, and instructor for hundreds of film workshops.

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As founder of Unified Team Diving, a global Scuba certification and training agency, Jeff has co-authored eight training manuals and dozens of online courses. He also co-wrote the UTD Standards and Procedures and the UTD Playbook, A Guide for Instructors. He publishes and edits the UTD Journal and has written training curriculum in both the scuba and film industries.

Jeff began his career as a photographer and filmmaker. He photographed the live action portion of the video game, NEED FOR SPEED. He received an Independent Spirit Award nomination for his black and white cinematography on Sundance winner JUDY BERLIN. The wide screen epic, FINDING HOME received Best Cinematography awards at the Rome International Film Festival and the Tiburon Film Festivals. Recent documentary projects include trips to Mt. Everest Base Camp and Machu Piccu.

Jeff spent two decades as an instructor and member of the master faculty at the International Film and TV Workshops and the Rockport College. He is the founder of One On One Film Training, a mentoring and consulting program for emerging directors and cinematographers.

The need for a custom online education system for Unified Team Diving led Jeff to manage the 2015 development of an education and certification software engine called Recify.

Jeff is a triathlete, road and track cyclist, cross country skier, and big mountain trekker. He spent many years as an accomplished ice and rock climber, flight instructor, and competition aerobatic pilot.

Jeff brings this vast experience to The Training Cycle: a series of fun, entertaining, and productive keynote presentations and workshops on communications and training. Explore with Jeff why we train, how we train, and how we learn.

“Vision without action is a daydream, action without vision is a nightmare.”