Training Overview

“I’ve always felt that I can teach anything – brain surgery, rocket science, auto mechanics – anything. All I need is the intellectual property; everything else is about the system of changing the behavior of a student.”

If education is classically defined as effecting a change in behavior, then we must look at education as a process rather than an outcome, and we must teach education separately from whatever topic, or intellectual property, we are teaching.

In other words, if you have a company that makes medical equipment, or tools, or anything, and you have the need for one of your employees to train your customers, then you must give that employee a repeatable methodology to teach your material. Your teachers should have the best command of your product AND the skills to communicate the information to your clients, employees, and students.

We give your employees a simple set of tools on top of which they can apply any topic.

We train your educators to find the common ground with their students. We focus on building-block education, starting with basics and building from there, so each more complex topic is understood based on previous information.

And we use a process of teaching that guides a student from rote learning, to understanding, to application, and finally to correlation.

“Here is one of the most interesting things about training scuba instructor trainers: when an instructor trainer candidate gets to a point where he/she doesn’t know how to teach their instructor candidates how to teach something, they fall back to the thing they know best – teaching diving. All this does is turn a teaching class into a diving class.”

In a workshop setting, using a simple program of lectures and hands on exercises, we teach your employees to teach anything. Workshops run from one to four days. Please contact us to discuss the specific needs of your trainers.

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