The Training Cycle Syllabus

The Training Cycle workshop is generally conducted over a one or two day period, either in person or via web conference. The program is comprised of lectures, discussion, and hands-on exercises. You and your team will discover simple, repeatable techniques and methodologies that can be applied to any topic or intellectual property.

Training is a craft. It can be learned, just like any other skill. The thing that separates great trainers from mediocre trainers is not that craft, it’s the passion to teach. If the drive and motivation to train are there, we can add the techniques of training, making a passionate trainer into an amazing educator.

Unit 1

  • Introduction – Registration, why this class, course schedule
  • Education – A change in behavior
  • Separating training techniques from the IP you are presenting
  • Creating common experience
  • Your Path to Mastery – Discover, train, practice, teach
  • Exercises

Unit 2

  • Levels of Learning – Rote, Understanding, Application, Correlation
  • Building block techniques
  • Testing student comprehension
  • Exercises

Unit 3

  • Over-training vs. over-learning
  • Using video as a training tool
  • Training out of the box
  • Exercises

Unit 4

  • Clarity and abstractions
  • Use your stories
  • Exercises
  • Conclusion