Training Non-Profit Fundraisers

Fundraising is marketing and marketing is communicating.
Most fundraisers know so much about their mission that they don’t realize the people they are pitching do not have that same level of understanding. Fundraisers are sales people, and proper selling starts with proper communicating. Fundraisers must find common ground with their donors…otherwise the pitch becomes a fire hose of indigestible information.
In today’s fast-pace, multi-generational donor pool, almost every non-profit is challenged by these three things:
  • Not enough time.
  • Not enough money.
  • Too much donation competition.
As competition for the donated dollar increases, fundraisers must keep donors engaged.
  • Engaged donors find the money to donate.
  • Engaged donors tell friends and family about your organization.
  • Engaged donors are your best ambassadors.
Great communication engages donors.
  • Great training makes fundraisers into great communicators.
  • Great training creates sustaining donors.
  • Sustaining donations lead to more revenue.
Great communicating starts with training your fundraisers.

We train your fundraisers to find the common ground with your donors. We give your fundraisers a set of tools on top of which they can communicate your mission. We focus on building-block training so each complex topic is understood based on previous information. When you build a house, you don’t start with the roof…you start with a solid foundation, then add a ground floor, then the next floor, then the roof. Proper training follows the same sequence.

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